Last Exile Mod

Anyone ever watched Last Exile and would be interested in a Last Exile mod for this game?
It’d be more like a total conversion as they wouldn’t really be in space…


I would love to see Gratuitous Grand Stream Battles. It lends itself to cruisers and fighters, but what would be the frigates?

Everyone loves a bit of steampunk.

Some ideas:

The vanship would equate to fighters. Here are a couple examples: … ook51.html … ook52.html … ook53.html

Max 3 links so I’ll put the rest in another post

The Silverna is a bit small to be considered as a full size cruiser so maybe a large frigate. It would be a specialised frigate with lots of guns though XD … ook55.html

Similarly the Erbanus would be a speed type frigate: … ook57.html

The other battleship classes might be considered as the cruisers: … ook58.html … ook59.html

The guild would be a separate race. There would probably be 3 races in this mod…
Some examples of the difference in ship designs: … ook61.html … ook63.html

Guild Fighter: … ook64.html
Maybe give them the ability to latch onto cruisers and frigates and use close range weapons…

May or may not have the Exile as a playable unit, might just be background I dunno:

Sorry for all the links and posts

Count me interested, I might even be able to do something (amateur coder) if I find the time for it… Last Exile style ships might actually work quite nicely in this game. You’d just need a lot of artwork and probably quite a few improvised ships. (I don’t remember seeing too many ship designs in the series)

The series didn’t focus on the naval battles much at all, though. It was much smaller in scale, with vanship races and plot and hidden artifacts and suchlike. I’m certain there’s scope to expand what we know into actual naval battles.

holy **** i’d love to see something like this in-game.
Where’d you find the images? i spent nearly an hour on google alone looking for steampunk themed ship and come up lacking.
i might have a bash at it myself if i get my current project working right.