'Last Resort' Order


Well i was just thinking and thought this might be a good idea…
When a ship is critically damaged(Say,less than 15% of hull remaining) and it has been given this order it should set course for an enemy ship,engage max thrust and then proceed to crash into it,causing Gratuitously large explosions on the enemy ship and causing your poor ship to explode,badly…
The Damage would be calculated like this i think
Damage= Weight/(Speed*8)
For example a ship with 5000 weight who is travelling at 1.24 speed would divide its weight by 9.92 which would turn out at 504.0322580645161 damage…

If you got a better idea for calcing the damage dont hesistate!
I think this would have to be in an update as it would need a game re-code(New orders added) and i dont think any modder can do that,yet!


actually, if this sort of “melee” mechanic can be implemented, it’ll open a TON of mod possibilities (a couple of which I’d love to see and do)


Actually,i suppose it would be quite good…
I can just imagine a short range kinetic based weapon that smashes a spike straight into them…

Ramming would still look incredibly epic compared to other things i can think of ATM

BUT it would require a rather large amount of coding so it would be difficult…


A ship that has 15% of its hull remaining likely does not have functional engines to begin with making the ramming attempt look rather silly as the ship limps toward the target. :smiley:


I tried building a suicide ship, and order that would just make them crash into enemy ships would be great! Right now you can do this by making them circle the opponent and get blown up, but the damage is too small.


its doable,and i like the idea
the “last resort” action could just simply be set to ignore engine damage or get some sort of a boost in speed

it could all be done with a single module,something like a ramming warhead,with a script tied to it to give the ship an order to fly to the nearest enemy cruiser and boost the ship speed


could do ramming with a weapon module that has a very short range (must put it in the nose of the ship, that short), does a big whap of damage when it hits, and has a loooong recharge time. Of course, one wonders if there would ever be a chance for a second hit. . . :slight_smile:


this new order would be great for my WWII mod. The Japanese would be a feared force indeed.



Expanding on “Red Cinema’s” idea here…

A ramming module that costs a rather large amount of credits to add to a ship.
If you try to stack them it renders the 2nd one COMPLETELY ineffective or just disallows it to be added at all but that would require moar codez…
When the ship has 15% hull left the engines are seen to emit a gigantic burst of some sort of red fire and the ship spurts forward landing on the enemy ship and dealing an amount of damage caluclated via the weight of the ship(Moar coding required here),blowing up your own ship(Moar coding but should be rather simple to code) and blowing up the enemy ship with the damage(I hope killing enemies needs no moar coding…)

Maybe in the next update cliff?

EDIT:For the WWII mod all you need to give the japs is one big “KAMIKAZE” module with a picture of the japanease flag on,its all their real fighters have anyway…
Also you can just leave out a parachute module,they WONT be needing it…


xD, you just gave me an idea for what the escape pods should look like. Parachutes! xD


That’s pretty easy. modules such as shields and armor have “diminishing returns” percentages. Just set it to 50% for this module. Unless the module has TONS of hitpoints, no one would ever use more than one, and more than two actually penalizes you:

1 module = 100% effectiveness
2 modules = 2 X 50% = 100% effectiveness
3 modules = 3 X 50% X 50% = 3 X 25% = 75% effectiveness

So would this “ramming module” essentially increase the AoE damage done when the skip goes kablooie?

I hope you mean that “blowing up the enemy ship with the damage” would be a result of the actual damage rather than intended as an automatic “side effect” of ramming. That would spawn an entirely new type of spam fleet, and we already have plenty of those. But the “suicide ship” type of order/module seems to be a popular idea around these parts.


I hope not.

Oh boy, a spamfleet of 2.5k credit cruise missiles…


Yes obviously in proportion to the damage as you would just end up with japanease fleets then with nothing but engines and the kamikaze module…

Imagine a cruiser suiciding into a frigate,would utterly pwn it

EDIT:I counter that cruise missile fleet with my fleet of spammed uber fast legios fighters


The one variant of the “suicide ship” that struck me as viable involved an order to get close to enemy ships at a certain damage level (sort of a reverse Cautious order), which could have some effect right now anyway, and a special power plant required to make the ship go KABOOM a bit more forcefully. But the idea was that the special power plant would be probably really heavy and really expensive, plus probably have a really high crew requirement. Just to make sure you don’t wind up with every ship equipped as, like yurch says, a giant cruise missile.


I sort of managed that by setting the “move to engage” range very very low so it would go in nice and close,giving it a load of shields so it would be protected from the enemy fire until it was ontop of it and i equipped it with my modified power generator pumping out about 50K energy so it made a rather large boom…