Late Game changes due to 1.085

Here’s all the suff I noticed changed quite dramatically. I wish there was an easy way to figure out where exactly the differences lie, that caused these dramatic shifts.
But for the most part I welcome these changes.


I really like these changes. Still am 100% popular overall but suddenly it’s not nearly so one-sided across all groups.


Does Immigration count more now or is something that previously reduced unemployment that much weaker now?

Transport Usage:

Clearly some transport policies must have gotten nerfed quite significantly. Air Travel in particular is extremely affected now. (With a corresponding drop in Tourism)


Equality took a huge hit for some reason. (I previously managed to have maxed Tax Shelters and still, just barely, get the Equal Society situation. Now that won’t be possible unless I find other ways to raise equality again)


Looks like it’s gonna be harder to really max out people’s stats, but easier to keep high productivity.
I’m guessing the tax changes are gonna make a huge difference as well. I immediately had a deficit (previously a mild surplus), introduced a new tax to counteract it, got a mild surplus again, but profits quickly fell off and I currently have a sizeable deficit again. Mostly due to the GDP actually being a relevant quantity again.

The Environment:

Swings to The Environment due to fairly mild fluctuations in GDP still seem extreme lol
But also, it really dropped a lot and I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps Car Usage surges? But all my cars are electric so I’m not sure why those still affect The Environment this much. And Air Travel actually fell! Maybe Satellite Road Pricing now actually makes sense to have…

Stuff is partially normalized, if all positive or negative influences exceed 100% absolute strength.
This means positive and negative influences will be more proportional to each other.
Here are changes to my late game save. Played for 8 turns for stuff to stabilize.

Also rare earth crisis is now solvable, as it disappeared.

Some simulations went closer to middle, while some remained at wall.