Late Game Competition Research

For those that were wondering, I Took some screen shots showing what features unlock to universal per each class.


Some of that obviously needs to be adjusted. Air Conditioning is very rare on everything but Climate Control is universal on Luxury and common on Expensive. ABS should become a universal feature as the last time I saw it as an option was on a 17k USD Mazda I bought back in 2002. Pretty sure bluetooth is common on almost every car these days as well and you only find cars without a spare if they have run-flat tires.

Also, I’m thinking that the spoiler sort of doesn’t fit in how features become common in price classes. The spoiler that is shown in game is a type typically seen on sportier cars (I’d expect it on a Ford Focus RS or a Porsche 911) but you wouldn’t catch anyone putting that on their 90k BMW 7-series or on their SUV (at pretty much any price point). About the only thing you might see is a “spoiler” that is nothing more than a small piece of bodywork that matches the car color. It makes sense as a feature but it would be something that only makes sense on a specific sub-group of cars. There are probably other features that would fit that mold as well.

Is this definitely the ai maxxing out? Air conditioning is set up to be potentially universal on expensive and luxury and common elsewhere.

edit: This is a bug, related to air con being a slot rather than a slot upgrade. The same is probably true of the polished paintwork. I’ll fix it.