Late game Italy hyperinflation

I am pretty sure that what happened is a bug. While playing as Italy, I was in my third or fourth term when I saw a blank Situation notification come up only labeled “EU.” It appears that my development dropped just enough to go from the “net contributor” version of the EU situation to a “net recipient.”

However, the “net contributor” situation never went away. As a result, I had both versions of the EU Situation active at the same time. As a result, the “EU Monetary Policy” Situation had double the inflation effect on the country. This immediately triggered the Hyperinflation Situation with no way of getting out of it.

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Bumping this. Has it been resolved? Pretty sure Italy getting both EU effects and double the EU Fiscal Policy boost to inflation is a bug.

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Can you please send screenshot of the situations that triggered this?

It doesn’t happen to me, it s hard for me to comprehend, sorry. So are there specific steps to do this?

I’ll take screenshots next time I play if it happens again.

Basically what happened was I already had the EU Contributor situation at game start. I experienced an economic downturn. On one turn, the updates page showed a new situation: EU Recipient. It either had no accompanying text, or a string of code (I can’t remember, it was months ago). A few turns later, I got the Hyperinflation situation. I looked under causes, and “EU Monetary Policy” was listed twice, because it was double-counting my EU membership from both those situations being active.

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I see, so from the first 3 political turn you had that issue, yes?