Late Game Unlock Research Tiles?

Once you have done all the research, since infinite research is not a thing (I hope it will be actually), allow the player to use the tiles. Simple idea.

I hope later there is an infinite research hard mode. :slight_smile:

Infinite research in terms of gradual incremental improvements to existing stats? I know infinite research is a thing in factorio but TBH I haven’t had a chance to play that game since they introduced it, due to working on PL :smiley:

well I don’t even think its technically infinite, its just so time consuming that its practically impossible to reach.

factorio is like an entirely different game since they added infinite research the game-play has a lot more depth, and the next alpha .16 is going to update all the assets and the UI so its going to look really good.

says a lot that you are kind of doing both at once, must be difficult juggling all that stuff

Difficult is an understatement :smiley: