Latest (1.33) developer blog video...


Nice one! Epic work, looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:

Really am loving this game so far. Thank you!

Hey Cliff.

Once i added the electric engine in my mod way back. i had an issue that you could not remove parts.
i guess this can be done now whit the upgrade system that is optional but it would require you to pull out the assembly time from the assembly station itself and add it to the actual option added (Fit_Radiator = XXX sec) while the station “Fit_Radiator” come with the actual assembly time i guess? So if the parts not going on it should not be counted against assembly time. However i suppose you need to make an upgrade option to include certain parts on the cars ? (Upgrade to electric option on all stations fitting parts that is connected to the engine)

In my version i made a blue version of the radiator and put it in at the same station as the radiator (electric upgrade) but back then you could not have options based on car model like now back then all cars passing thru that station would have the set upgrades fitted.

I made a new station “Fit_extras” that i will release as a mod. it has ALL upgrades avalable (the unlocked ones) so you can add them either like i do as a part of final assembly (station = 0 sec in assembly and the required update would add to that) but also to add missing parts (freaking sunroofs!!!).

Furhter the game itselve does not understand that certain parts have been attached to the cars so you can, and i have, managed to get cars from ANY assembly line station -> “Fit_Axels” so it would then go thru the entire line again.

Also to solve the issue that you are describing regarding you should look in to the suggestion someone made about locking carmodels (so you cant change spec on them)

Also please (!!!) make a production planning GUI to make sure the we dont have to micro manage the production output on the first station.

other that i love the game and i will review it !

Hi, with regards to your last point are you saying separate the car model production plan from the line rather than have it built in to each starting slot? I can see how this would be appealing, although in the future when there are different engine types, I can see the player would want to specify (because which slots existed further down the line) that some models were started at a specific starting point, and others at another one, so you would still need some per-slot control of it…

IMO you would then skip the stations fitting the petrol engine specific parts with a “0” takt time. the production planning should be controlled via a “production planning” GUI that would affect the full assembly line. this would however cause issues if you have different assembly lines for different car models. perhaps name the first station 1-2-3-4 etc…

I would say; It makes totally sense. Per-slot control is becoming overwelming. You even can see it in your own video’s. Looking and browsing for a slot. Somewhere… It’s annoying to micro manage every slot for upgrades. I know you like the research bit, but it kinda kills my fun to walk to every slot to buy/upgrade etc. I would really!! like a new separate production planning mode. Where you can toggle not only per car/batch/body, but also turn “upgrades” on or off, and lose that upgrade per-slot nightmare. It also opens up doors for smart conveyors control. Switches/Cross-roads etc. Not every station will be passed in the future anyway