Latest developer blog (#46): Mental Health

New video, enjoy!


Some thoughts to add

  • It seems social media addiction at least gives a choice whether regulate or not (unlike cyber bullying’s campaign or what else). I got an impression that both the situation and the countermeasure aren’t that punishing. Maybe that’s because players are unlikely to avoid them?
  • Not sure how much poor mental health would cost. It might make me more cautious when trying to switch from state healthcare to private one as I don’t want to face Hospital Overcrowding.
  • Not sure whether Social Media Addiction has a link to Fake News or Polarization since they would be hidden even if they do exist. But it would be nice if it has one or two.
  • It sounds like the Social Media Regulation can become rather draconian. But its effects aren’t that punishing in my eyes. Though I see this should cause weaker penalties compared to Internet Censorship, having only approval effects makes it like nothing significant. I’d expect at least slight fall in GDP or Technology. South Korea had enforced time restriction on online-games for teenagers. Its opponents have constantly claimed that it is harmful for gaming industry and thus bad for economy. I guess similar would go for social media restrictions.
  • Just an idea) What about adding mental health hit to some events? A huge, possibly man-made, disaster can leave a deep mental trauma to the people. To bring another South Korea example, there was Sewol Ferry Disaster, which took lives of several hundreds of high school students. Lots of people had seen the scenes of the incidents live at TV or social media and a sizable number of them are believed to have experienced PTSD. The government even set up a trauma center at the town where the high school is located. So I guess disasters-to-mental-health effects make sense.
  • Just another idea) What if social media addiction enhances (both positive & negative) effects of media spin? Not something seriously thought but could be interesting maybe?

Good ideas.

Nice video. It’s the 1st (and only) Dev blog video I’ve watched. Easily understandable, well produced, good voice / tone / pace. Thumbs up.

  • One suggestion. Would recommend having a 30 second “in this video, I’ll share A, B and C” at the start -

  • e.g. “ in this video, I’ll comment on the game’s full release, share about some difficulty balancing improvements and introduce our new feature, the inclusion of mental health in the game.”

  • In the US, this is typically called “tell ‘em what you’ll tell ‘em, then tell them, then tell ‘em what you told ‘em

Overall am happy to hear about the balancing improvements and think the mental health logic you’ve added is well thought out and should be interesting to play around with.

  • one note / question - it may make sense from a gameplay perspective, but to have a social media “ban” costing more than social media “restrictions” would be surprising.

  • I’d have guessed it’s more expensive to have people monitoring / taking down / policing social media, than to just take it all down.

  • However from that gameplay perspective, maybe that would make the “ban” too easy / cheap to solve the problem.

Overall - good job! :clap:


Looks like the good work is continuing, I look forward to the next patch dropping.

I think my implication is that the monitoring is mandated by the state, but done by the media companies, or at the very least, billed to them :smiley:

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If it’s billed to to them, can we have revenue?