Latest developer blog video: Compression of the robots

Latest :red_car:developer blog​:red_car: video, bit longer, with a lot of waffle about how animations are compressed in the game:

Nice vid Cliffski.

Thanks for the vlog Cliffski. Loving the sound of this update. Really do appreciate the effort you’re making to make this as close as possible to “real life” production within reason for the game to work.

I do have a question about the bug though. I posted my question on the video but wasn’t sure if you preferred to run questions, suggestions etc through the forums so I’ll put it here too.

That’s awesome stockpiles will work as intended (Thank you so much!) but I have one question. As it stands (1.52), rear bumpers are slightly quicker to fit than the front bumpers. Using local only imports you would hit the problem you described. So lets say you have 14 Front bumpers and two slots. Production cycle will start and once finished, it will place the two front bumpers on the two slots. Will the rear bumpers go direct to a stockpile or do they still get lost because of no space on the manufacturer slots? Or in other words, will the stockpiles call the rear bumpers immediately without them being on the manufacturer slots? (Or did I miss something?)

The code checks the total number of export resources (so in some cases that would be 2 rear and 2 front bumpers = 4 items, and it there are only 2 free slots in the stockpile, it will pause and wait until there is room for all 4.

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Excellent, my dreams of 100% local production become that little bit closer to reality.

Thanks for the reply.