Latest developer blog video (Emissions!)


  1. Does all of this mean that QC’ing is now mandatory? I worry that cars will behave strangely if one puts the indivitual parts of QC on a “go where you want”-loop

  2. What is with that looping sound when you are on the research screen?

  3. At 7:00 the green car in bottom-left is drawn above some of the cabling.

  4. 5 employees on emissions check? The player should perhaps be warned that it’s not worth splitting some things up until late game. This is like Fit Body without the high power consumption.

I´m not sure if you noticed it during your recording (you didn´t say anything about it), but the reason why the QC didn´t work in the new setup was that you placed the regular QC slot down the first time, not the visual check slot. Second time you placed down the right slot, so that´s why everything worked.
Or should the cars be able to path through a slot it´s not using?

I thought that it should be able to just pass through the next stages. I’m sure I’ve had a similar setup before where it’s not been an issue.

FYI when you thought it was a bug, you actually placed the full QA slot, not the visual inspection the first time.

Yeah what a fool, everyone has pointed this out :smiley: The pressure of recording a video I guess!