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Does this fix also the problem that stuff is not taken if the stockpile is to far away from the station?
I have a huge space on the other side of the factory where all my parts are made. I have noticed that they are not taken because they are to far away.

I hate the change of the colors because I do not like this way. At least not with current model gui. Its way to messy and to much clicks to make a nice model fast. The overview on that gui is also horrible. Could be way more clear. Also with a clear gui I want more colors etc.

hi, which bit of GUI is horrible?

The model creating gui is horrible. Imo. To much click and too long list you need to do for every car. Would be nice if they are more clear.
E.G Sort on car, show only sedans/suvs etc. Front axel list need also a cleaner with many models the list is to long and unclear.

I know its Early acces and I believe this will be better in the future but this points are made me crazy atm.

One thing I know i should do is have select all/deselect all for options, and the new model button should copy existing options…

How would that work with LED/Xenon? Also you could make it impossible to archief the a car if there is non of them left. I have removed a complete model before and could not create it back, because there was no model left.

I have thinken about a better GUI. Maybe you can made it also collapsible with categories.

I hope this image makes it more clear. Instead of having all car models in the horizontal bar, it would be nice to have the models that are made/cloned from a model (EG. Sedan) are placed as a list under the model. In this way the you wont have a mixed order in the horizontal bar. but order in the right model vertical.

The list with features can be cleaned by the same way just to make it like the build list. Fit wheels, make wheels etc. but then with the body.
You click on what typ of body you want: “Steel/Aluminium/plastic etc etc etc” then click on the next “Wooden wheels/rubber wheels” etc etc.