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Awesome stuff Cliff! Keep up the great work!

I LOVE your videos for this game :slight_smile:

Oh I should mention there’s a few more bugs in addition to the ones I listed in the big page. In the showroom and in the design phase, sometimes the sunroof is not showing up on models. I just went into my latest save today to tell you specifically which ones, but of course with everything done and researched the issue is not showing it’s head. I think it might be due to a combination of features. When “x” set is alone with sun roof, the sun roof doesn’t show up. I knew I should have logged this asap. Sorry to be so vague I’ll be sure to list and screenshot it next time I come across it.

More achievements. yea! Keep piling those on.

How many more official scenarios and challenges do you plan on having in the game?

Cliffski I know you watch everything, but please also pay extra attention to this thread:

I’ts getting to the point when I have a lot of cars to manage I almost want to not continue playing because adding new cars takes a surgeon’s level of skill to click that tiny drop down menu. Then I have to memorize which car I just added to try and add the next one up, ad nauseum.

I picked something up on your screenshot that has bugged me for a while, never logged it as a bug as it tends to self correct.

Did you notice that your vehicles are not oriented to the direction of travel?

I have the same issue when i start up a saved game, but it does self correct when the production starts up again.