Latest Patch

OK, here is the inevitable patch :frowning:

This goes from version 1.0 to version 1.01 and should fix everything that has been mentioned. let me know if this is not the case. The demo and full version links are now 1.01 (as of right this second), but if you still have an older copy you can just run this patch: … to1.01.exe


And a second path (grrr) fixes some additional issues: … to1.02.exe

I’ve just downloaded the patch for 1.02, and the patch fails to install. I’m running Windows XP.

Please help; I’ve just bought the game today and it keeps crashing, even though the demo worked fine.

Hi, this is because you already have the latest version. it won’t patch the latest version, just the older one. Basically when I release a patch, I change all the demo and full files at the same time, so people buying the game after a patch is released don’t need it.
If your game is 1.02 and still crashing, please email me details.

Ok here we go, here is the third patch, hopefully the last for a while as I get some information together for modders and promote the game a bit!

link: … to1.03.exe

Cliff I only bought the game 12 or so hours ago… do I have the current version?

Hey saraswati,

after starting the game you can see which version your are currently running in the right upper corner of the opening screen :slight_smile:

Depends on the exact hour! It’s 1.03 so if on the main (title) screen top right it says 1.03, then you don’t need the patch,

Aah, thanks for the help, Cliff!

I patched it to 1.03, so hopefully the crashes will stop. =)

And unfortunately, the game is still crashing again, even though it’s updated to 1.03. I’m at a loss here.

I’ve also noticed with 1.03, that the writing in the daily diary is not smooth anymore and comes on the screen in little jerks.

Hi, nothing has changed to do with performance the game should still run the same. Make sure nothing else is running in the background. if the game crashes, please email the files in the games ‘debugdata’ folder to If you can’t find a debugdata folder, create one in the Kudos2 folder, alongside the ‘data’ one.

1.3 crashes 2 minutes after starting. Sooner than the other patches. I could not get a copy on the dialog in the box that popped up but it said something about debugging Kudos 2. =(

I just bought the game yesterday and I am wondering if I even need the patch? I tried to install the latest one and it says “patch failed”. I am using windows vista.

Cassidie, when you run the game it tells you which version you are running in the top right hand corner. If it says 1.03 then you have the latest version.

I just e-mailed the data files to you.

When I install the 1.03 patch there are 2 new csv files in the \data directory - charactertypes.csv and solo_activities.csv
However those same files in \data\simulation (which is where I expect they are supposed to reside) are still the same old ones.

Were they supposed to be replaced or something? What is the story with these two new files?

Damn. that’s a bug. they should be in the simulation folder replacing the others. I’ll fix the patch.

Ok here is the latest (and last for a while) update:

And the patch for 1.03 is here: … to1.04.exe

Is there a debugdata directory or file for Kudos 2? It’s crashing on me with this patch anytime I try to go into the social event screen. It may be a mod I added…which is why I’d like to check and see where the debugdata file is.

hmmm. The game should have a debugdata folder alongside the data folder (same position in hierarchy). If it’s not there, just create one and it should get used. Are all social events crashing? and at what point does it go bang?