Latest Patches Via Steam / fmodex.dll error

I posted this in the facebook group - but this is probably a better venue, so I just copied it here :

Is there any way to get the newest patches to run when the game was bought via Steam? The patches always SEEM to run, but give a fmodex.dll error after it tries to lauch. The game will still run via Steam even after this, but the game remains at the version that Steam has as it’s last update (1.42 in this case)…

Also - Great game! Love it! :slight_smile:

When the patch tries to install, make sure that you point it to where it’s installed in the steam folder.
I don’t get any errors when I do that and the game is updated, don’t know what you’re doing to get an error.

That was the issue… thanks!

I tried the demo before buying, so there was a GSB folder and install under Program Files. Didn’t know there was one in the Steam folder specifically.

where can one d/l the 1.44 patch?


Make sure that you have online enabled in the game, then simply start the game and it should find the patch online and run the installer.