Latest update released (1.41)

Here is the change-list for this version:
(You will need to re-download direct-bought copies, you can trigger an email link re-send from here: )

Where is this version on GOG? It has been posted to Steam two days ago but at GOG there is still only version 1.4. The game itself even detects that it is out of date and recommends to update it by using the update service. Unfortunately, I am already on the latest available version…
That is not the first time that GOG is slow to update and I think it’s pretty bad customer service as I paid the same amount as the Steam customers (so much for trying to support other platforms outside of the Steam eco system…).

Hi, we send the updated copy to humble, gog and valve at exactly the same time, but GoG tend to take a day or two (especially during holidays) to update.