Launch crashes on XP in VirtualBox.

While putting myself in the running for the Least Interesting Bug Report Ever Grand Prize, I want to point out that: Yes, I strongly suspect that a virtual machine is not in the list of supported hardware. :slight_smile:

But! Some other games work nicely in my VirtualBox, so it may be crashing as the result of an obscure portability bug that would cause problems on slightly unusual, but real normal hardware.

I can supply you with a crash dump from Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 if you’re interested.

Virtualbox doesn’t support DirectX, does it? At least, at it didn’t when I had looked at it before. I thought you had to go to vmware for that. Even so, vmware directX support was only mediocre.

Ah, DirectX stuff, didn’t think that through properly. I checked now, and apparently it supports DirectX with DirectDraw, but not Direct3D. So, no chance whatsoever of getting the game to run, then. :slight_smile:

(Still, a “This game needs Direct3D” dialog might be preferable to a crash.)