Launching Big Pharma causes blue screen

I’ve read all the forums I could. Didn’t find anyone with this exact problem. I’ve done everything that was recommended to do to try to fix the problem to no avail. I’m not sure what else can be done at this point. I do miss playing Big Pharma. Thanks for any help, let me know what files/info I can send to make identifying the problem easier.

@ctman48 I don’t know if you still needed help but usually whenever you get a black or blue screen, it’s actually isn’t the game’s fault. It’s your computer. So it’s client-side rather than server-side. You can also follow this tutorial if you ever needed help. Sometimes it’s a file on your computer that’s preventing you or causing problems on your computer, making it impossible for you to play.
This link provides all the details regarding why you get blue screen of death or black screen of death whenever you either open up a game or you just randomly gets it. It doesn’t necessarily means it’s the games fault unless your computer cannot handle the spec of the game. So either you drive is outdated and the game just can’t be supported on your computer which evidently will get your computer to be either extremely slow, dying or even like just simply broken.