Laying long/complex conveyor belts

I regularly run into situations where a new conveyor belt will refuse to merge into an existing one. The only workaround I can find is destroying the existing destination square, running the new one, then redrawing the old one. Here’s one reproducible example:

I think I have a pretty good grasp on how the conveyor belt placement algorithm, so I know why it’s trying this route, but it still seems wonky: . If I understand correctly, it’s moving along one axis, and once aligned with the destination moving along the other axis. Perhaps simultaneously test the route going along the axis in the opposite direction, and if it’s entirely clear, use that one instead?

Some arrows on the green path indicating the eventual direction would be nice. Perhaps just replace the green path entirely with a bunch of the arrows indicating entry/exit from slots?

Finally, I would dig some way to say, “Lock the current green path, then continue drawing from it’s endpoint.” Perhaps right click or a key. It’s not a huge deal to just draw a new path starting from the end of the previous one, but it feels off, especially when there is a turn at that point.

Getting the same issue here but have worked around it. If your problem is similar
Rather than it wanting to build a nice 90 corner it seems to want to make it “wibbly”
i.e. (please excuse any layout issues, not sure how the forum like ASCII
What I want

What it tries to build

I have found to get around this, extend the track more and do in in 2 stages


you can include the * put sometimes deleting it and replacing will make it work

Grumpage: what you’re seeing seems even worse than what I’m seeing, although perhaps it’s another symptom of the same core.

Yeah laying L shapes would be easier if it detected its neighbours, would make the 2 stage approach easier.

Some path building mechanics from other game use a button to switch between clockwise and anticlockwise preference, perhaps that would work, trouble is we don’t want to get to the stage where there are so many keys that do different things.

I’m quite happy if you just had lay the 2 lines and the corner would update, improvements to aid making conveyors could be:

  1. Ghost image with direction of track - How many times do you lay 20 conveyors only to have to delete them one by one as the direction was wrong.
  2. Being able to switch the direction while laying out the conveyors. The rotate key would work fine here (Silly I know but recently discovered the R key rotates, no more middle mouse click errors!)