Lead Singer attributes?

Why not give us a chance to choose some attributes for our own character, as in Kudos? It seems odd that the lead singer is always the artless, least skilled member of the group!

you can choose the hairstyle, what else do you want?

No, really… in regard to:

if, when you first start a new game, you ‘practice’ until you get your musicianship up to 50 it’s a great boost as it seems the singer gets penalized for mistakes yet nobody else does (it is the singer, after all, that types in the notes on the keyboard)

Without getting ahead like that, you start out at the same level as all other members and when you start losing your musicianship points quicker than the rest it makes you become the “least skilled” pretty quick.

I’ll try practicing up alone until I hit 50 then. It would still be nice to be able to choose attributes like photogenic or articulate for the singer.

Actually its a good idea to be able to pick your attributes. Wish I’d thought of it!