Learning to love Go Fasta Red.

Inspired by an earlier thread on fast cruisers I designed a few and love them.

1-They close fast with the enemy, no boring waiting as two fleets waddle towards each other for ages
2-They maneuver like the agile hippopotamus and often dodge all that evil damage coming their way from cruisers
3- They laugh off frigate weapons by and large.
4- As they dodge and weave they spit back an impressive amount of death themselves.


1-When the enemy get a few hits on a ship it dies. But hey, it’s still explodey goodness.

They really do kinda well. And if they don’t succeed, send in the armoured slugs.

I’m curious about the builds people use for fast frig’s.
I’ve been playing around with energy frigates for the Fed’s, but haven’t been able to get above ~.18 speed.
For a point of reference, my missile formations are at .12

3 Eng 3’s should do it.

I run 3 eng 3 on my Valhalla missile boats, and get a speed of .12-.13.
They run 1 point defense, 6 of the missile type. 2 power armor, 1 reflective shield, 1 fast recharge shield, and 3 of the highest thrust:mass ratio engine’s i can grab, or engine 3’s.

Try this:
Open an empty Frigate hull in the ship designer. Make it a 7 standard / 4 weapon mount type. (Choose hull with speed bonus if is one. Duh.)
Put in the largest crew module available.
Put in the largest power module available.
Stick on 4 engines.
Put in three weapons.
Throw a shield on there if you’re feeling optimistic.

Oops. Bet that didn’t work. Shift the weapons until you’re green for crew and power. If you simply HAVE to use weapon X that costs more crew/power than you’ve got, toss an engine. Might need to leave that spot empty. I find I can usually fill empty slots with powered armor–as I recall, crew is usually the PITA category.

Alternatively, downgrade an engine or two to get green, to the degree you’re not unhappy with the loss in speed.

Hope this helps.

Red “Red goes fasta” Cinema

I bet what you’re looking at now is a Frigate that goes .50 or faster.

I’m not normally a frigate user, but i’m trying them out on the demo while waiting STEAM to carry GSB for mac’s xD