Legal Crossword (aka TooBusyToModAllCrosswords) Mod

Ahoy hoy!

Finished knocking up an extended “legal crossword” mod. I fully intent to complete the same for the other 5 crosswords (easy, hard, entertainment, medical, science) and some day will package them in a nice ZIP with sparkly paper and everything but, for now, all you get is this elongated sentence. ENJOY!

Mod adds:
~80 new Legal crossword entries (with varying degrees of difficulty)

Download: …


  1. Backup your “…\Kudos 2\Data\Simulation” directory.
  2. Download the ZIP above
  3. Extract the file(s) into the “…\Kudos 2\Data\Simulation” directory, overriding the current file(s).

File(s) Changed:

Expect the rest after the month’s end and after I’ve recovered from my 24th b’day partay. ALL WELCOME TO ATTEND (FREE CAKE!!).

Wayno, expecting millions and dozens

Sounds cool, let me know when it’s all done and you need reliable free hosting on the site :smiley:

I still plan on doing this, but I’m currently vying for a promotion at work, so you’ll have to bare with me :slight_smile: You’ll be able to tell my success by the speed in which I complete the mod: if the mod comes out instantly you’ll know I didn’t get the promo, if the mod comes out in 6 months you can safely assume I got the promo and am now far too important to play games.

… let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that :stuck_out_tongue:

Wayno, a something something with ham