Legalizing Prostitution

Legalise Prostitution should probably slightly appease capitalists, since they would be happy to have a new legal market.

Perhaps it should also slightly increase the membership of self employed people? A large number of sex workers are effectively freelancers, although arguably many of them were already operating, just illegally. This might depend on how prostitution is legalized though, since some jurisdictions prohibit organized activities such as pimping or brothels, while others (such as Nevada) prohibit prostitution except in brothels.


Both very good points!

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Would driverless car laws please capitalists along those lines too?

Hmmm. in what way? driverless car laws are really just about safety, so just saying ‘this is allowed now’. Are you saying it would please capitalists because taxi firms costs go down? I guess they would, but so would prices (assuming free-market).

Actually maybe it should annoy trade-unionists, as its a really obvious case of a policy enabling major unemployment.

It’s also kind of a new market

Well, isn’t that the same as saying prostitution is allowed?

Yes I suppose so, its a drop in regulations banning a market…so yes. I’ll add a slight bump