Let me research, please!

I found a “bug” which could happen when modding the “scenario.data” file

When using this setup:


This will happen:

Seems like nothing is out of normal, everithing is what it was suposed to be… Not at all!!

Look at that 0xScientists project. It doesn’t require any scientist for being researched… But you won’t be able to research it!! And is a basic machine!! And this happens to the pill maker and the dissolver, too!! You won’t be able to make any cure at all!! At least, that’s not bad news at all… AI’s won’t be able to make any drug. Suming up, you now have a whole empty building for making anything you want except drugs, and you won’t have to be worried about AI’s! Yeah, it’s party time!!

Jokes aside, it’s not actually that critical. Since it’s a mod, you can also mod the research.data file and require an scientist for those projects, and then you’ll be able to research them, because if you don’t, it’s game over (or party time).

I see, the entry


is missing from pillmaker, dissolver, and evaporator (determines # of scientist for research)

(though, oddly, “duration” is included for those) - determines the research time.

I’m not sure that was always the case. When I made LinearHell Mod, I don’t recall having to explicitly add those lines in those 3 machines (that MOD has at least one scenario line where only basic_research is unlocked - as you have).

Just checked, going back to at least June, those 3 were missing the entry in research.data. Maybe I added it to my MOD after all.
Nice catch.