let's assume I'm an idiot and can't see something obvious...

…where’s the “challenge” button? To let you create challenges?

The manual implies it’s on the HQ screen; it ain’t (In that HQ is what it was talking about before mentioning the button). There is a challenges button, but that only shows challenges from people. It’s not in “online” either, though there is a news item there telling me if I have issues I should turn off a setting on my options screen that doesn’t appear to exist either (menu battle)

very confused here…

In the Battle Deployment screen, theres a ‘Challenge’ button that I assume turns your current deployment into a challenge.

I say ‘assume’ because whenever I don’t seem to see my stuff on the Challenges list when I go to that menu.

I haven’t read through the challenges threads well enough to know my understanding is wrong of if this is a bug. I have read enough to know that I’m not the only one experiencing disappearing ships.

aaah, so there is

…that’s totally not where I expected it to be, though I suppose it makes sense in retrospect (I assumed after saying “challenge” you’d get to set pilot, budget, size etc. parameters, but obviously those are set by what scenario you choose first)

my next question would be, given that presumably certain challenges have shield/weapon range penalties, how can you tell? unless you memorize the cost/size/pilot ratings for each scenario?