Let's hear it for fast ion cannon frigates

I have alot of fun with fast ion cannon frigates. The Nomads can make a pretty sweet one.

Try’em out man, they’re FUN. Somewhat fragile of course, but they can lay down damage like nobody’s business.

I enjoy them, too. They can be even more fun when also armed with EMP missile launchers. Fun, and devastatingly effective. :smiley: Ion-armed frigates also can do a decent though unspectacular job as a secondary line of defense against enemy fighters.

I have a habbit or making a fox frigate into a escort frigate with a emp missle, anti-fighter missle, shield disrupter, and point defence beam, two engines, shield gen II, largest non powered armor, and two of the second crew mod.

It works good as the Anti-fighter missles take out the fighters, the emp, and disrutor bombs take out shields and emps frigates and cruisers. Once there shields drop my cruiser eats the other up.

They’re definitely fun, throw-away ships. I prefer using tribe for that due to the extra durability. No shields, no armor, just speed, ion cannons, and an emp missile launcher.

The emp gives them some degree of defense against cruisers. Fighters will utterly shred them however, but they can do a lot of damage before they die, and only very thick armor backed by repair bays has any hope of defending against the ion cannons.

I moslty have a pair of 6 to 8 fighters escourting the frigates with protection orders and attack fighters set to 100% it works out quite well. I have yet to atempt this on a survail as i just started to use it within the past month to help combat my Eve-online Caldari race that is in devlopment.

Yes I have a few missions that will be set up for them. But mostly its an oline challange sent to me only that i have bneen testing.

Lol I had been accused of posting too many frigate spams.

I stick to swarm for frigates. When it comes to frigates spam vs cruisers, quantity of EMP > quality of frigates.