Letters & Numbers on screen, white blanks, no pictures

I bought and downloaded the game but it will not play on my PC. I tried updating my video card (NVIDEA) but it says I have the latest driver. The game has weird letters and numbers on the screen or it is white blanks and there are no pictures of the band members or a picture of myself.

Here is what I see when I first start game:

This is when I click “Continue”

Send the drawdebug file to cliff At positech dot co dot uk or post it on here for him to check.

I don’t know what that is???

I think the default directory is C:\Program Files\Rock Legend\debugdata
Open C: drive, open program files, open rock legend, and last open debugdata directory. There should be two files, debug and drawdebug. You can load these files with notepad.
You can send the drawdebug file as an attachment to cliff@positech.co.uk and tell Cliff about the problem or copy the file in notepad and paste it on the forum for him to look at. Probably would be best to send it to Cliff, he has always helped me with any problems. Hope this helps.

Thank you very much, this was really nice of you. I have sent the e-mail.

I’ve emailed you. it looks like 64MB of Video RAM is not enough. anyone else here running the game ok with 64 or less?