Liberal coups?

Having devised a formula where it’s possible to survive at maximum difficulty, I decided to try and get killed by everybody.

Religious, patriots, socialists and capitalists have all tried to kill me. However, I can’t seem to get Liberals to kill me.

Which groups will kill you, if you annoy them enough?

The environmentalists can kill you too, but nobody else after that.

indeed, but in the real world what do liberals do when angered that threatens the government? They generally seem to just leave the country or writes lots of angry letters. Few liberals take up arms to overthrow a government.

I have never seen a liberal do anything but protest, when it comes to reality. Socialists have the conviction, and nationalists as well of course, but never liberals. So, I do not think you could get liberals to kill you. I haven’t been able to either, heh. :slight_smile:

If you piss any one off enough, they’ll rise up against you. Wasn’t the French Revolution a liberal one? … liberalism

That’s true… But wouldn’t the liberals just throw lots of money at you, and hope the money has blades on the ends of it? I mean, back then, I suppose liberalism seemed very radical and different than the standing ideologies, so that, and the aptly-named Liberal Revolutions of 1848 could be considered primarily liberal revolts, but they were really the beginning of revolutionary thought more than anything else. I suppose it’s just hard for me personally to see a liberal jumping out of the shadows with a long knife in each hand, and a bandanna. :laughing:


One thing that I just had in my mind was an army coup, so if you give your army too much power (or too little) then they rise up and try to take over your government.

Hah, I’d laugh, but that’s very possible… History has shown it more than enough. Possible solutions could be giving citizens training/draft/survival courses, or other alternatives that meant your support base would be able to fight back(Although there would still be a bloody civil war, probably :confused: ), a balance of powers in the style of the American joint chiefs, careful budget management… that’s a good one. And actually, I was thinking about it more, and the more radical type of liberal could be an assassin… it was in the news that a member of Yabloko had a poisoned pen or something…

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As a liberal, I would be inclined to take up arms against an extremely totalitarian government. But before I’d do so, it would probably have to be non-democratic, such as a dictatorship, as otherwise I would likely just fight them through democratic means.
So yeah, because of the fact that Democracy is by definition a democratic game, liberal riots and coups would seem a bit out of place.

Liberal coups don’t happen in the 2rd and 3rd world because the army is right wing normally and the citizen restiance normally hates captailism since getting raped by captalist so they are socialist. The only way to have a Liberal Coup would be in America, Japan, Eupore or Oceania. Even then thier would be civil war in america because of the south. And the only way Liberals could is if.
A. The economy goes south I’m talking depression.
B. Rights taken away and thier are still terrorist attacks
C. Minorities, White Class, and Working Class all join together.

Even then you would need a liberal head of army or a civil war…

Now it makes attacks using cash and banking institutions

Always supported that and I strongly believe that a liberal head would do just fine under the circumstances.Hire a freelance writer if you need one