Libertarian/right wing strategy UK

Premis: Low tax, low spending on the UK scenario.

Has anyone had any success with this from the beginning of the game?
I stress the beginning, because it’s very easy to go socialist and make everyone happy then cut back everything after the fact and let poverty etc slowly come back.

The key element I think is the conversion of people to capitalists via the labour laws etc so that balancing the budget and other capitalistic policies have real popularity effects to counter cutbacks. I find if you cut everything at the beginning you don’t ever win the first re election.

Another key element which I havent looked into really is probably the health of the private market, it has to be godly healthy to have little or no state involvement in healthcare/education, and education being a major forerunner of the economy. This is infact the reason the government got involved in education to begin with! at the capitalists behest because they needed a more literate/educated workforce to employ in the industrial revolution.

Another issue is policing, I think it’s impossible to remove it doing libertarian policies because people are mega pisses off having no jobs, no welfare, no healthcare and no education. I think it would be fair to allow community policing in this, even though it is at the government cost.

One last thing, I don’t feel like your ‘GDP’ metre effects the income considerably, so money will always be an issue, as you cannot lower taxes considerably without a huge deficit. Also It feels to me like lowering taxes has a fairly sluggish effect on the economy quite often, unless lowered incredibly.

I think the one good thing is that britain starts in a terrible fiscal position, so reducing debt by cutting healthcare kind of doesnt go entirely hated.

Anyway I will try this out again.

Prime goals
Turn the country capitalist by labour laws etc.
Make the wealthy happy so they actually vote for me.

It can definitely be done, the key is to make the move really gradual. I don’t think it can be done in one term.
What I tend to do is focus on one area per term, so for example I’ll try to scrap the state health service in one term, by gradually reducing taxes along with the size of the health service, always allowing time for the private provision to catch up, and maybe mitigating the effects on the poor with food stamps.
I then make private education the goal of the next term, and so on, until the state is massively smaller and the tax burden is much lower.
Just be patient :smiley: