lightning effect

hi everyone i very recently bought gratuitous space battles and im enjoying it immensely however I am wondering if there is any way to turn off the flash effect in the multinari gas giant
i ask this as i have some problems with flashing lights and with the speed increased the area becomes the equivalent of staring at a strobe light
i really don’t want to have to keep away from a particular area due to an effect so if anyone knows of a way to turn off the flash it would be a great help
thanks in advance

As there are no option to turn off the lightning we will have to disable it manually.

The How To:
Navigate to where you installed the game (for example C:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles)
Open the data folder
Open the scenarios folder
Open the text file bg7.txt
Find and delete the following code:

lightningintensity = 0.54 lightninginterval = 2200

Once you have saved and close the file, the Lightning for that scenario will be disabled.
Please note: if you have the Swarm DLC you will need to do the same to \swarm\data\scenarios\swarm_sk1.txt

I tried that however everytime I try to save it says it was denied
am I doing something wrong?

There is actually one option that will disable the lightning. On the main screen, click the options button, then clear the checkbox next to “Gratuitous Shaders” as highlighted below:

This will also turn off certain graphic elements of other maps, though I can’t vouch for which ones. I can confirm that clearing this option shut the lightning off on my machine.

Hmm, sounds like a permissions from the installation but it matters not.
AcePalarum method is the simpler one :slight_smile:

By disabling this option it will remove any coloured filters the scenario might apply as well as lightning.
(heh, learnt something new today - thanks Ace)

thanks very much for the help guys i really appreciate it