like the game but it is very buggy

i played with uk.suprised when i saw the total voters are 2 mil+ only. I manage to drive my poor citizens down to 0 but there is no increase in mid and wealthy. at least not in the main screen.and the liberals, i screw up on some decisions and made their happiness zero.after 7 elections it is still zero. the population dont seem to increase either.i decided i seen it all after 7 terms.other than that it is a revolutional game. educational. i am disappointed because after playing the demo i thought i will be stuck for weeks.what do you guys think?

So what’s the bug?

Have you tried playing different countries? Different Difficulty? Did you go for the different trophies?

Did you use the online updates?
Did you download any mods?

There’s plenty more to do.

i doubt there it’ll be any different playing different difficulty and country. the problem is the population(voters) is stagnant. 2million or so voters in a 60million country(this is weird itself)…the number remains the same over 7 elections, that is like 28 years. motorists are reduced to zero but there is no increase in commuters.retirees skyrocketed to 60% of voters leaving me wondering if there is newblood coming in.poor voters gone down to zero but there is no increase in mid and high wealth.i believe when one category goes down the opposing one must go up or else where did they go?they just are the income and costs proportionate to the number of people in the category involve?cause i have like only a handful of self employed people but the small business grant cost me 3-4billion.this are the few problems that i notice.i hope the devolopers address this.looking foward to the patch.anyone agree?i am just repeating myself really.i am sure the devolepor wants a realistic simulation himself

you have to draw the line somewhere, and I drew it at changing the population size. The fact that reducing poverty doesnt increase wealthy people etc, is something I’d like to address at some point.
The game has a simple 2 party system, and 100% voter turnout, with no spoilt ballots, and perfect voter information, this is a simplification too.
Its difficult to balance an accurate simulation with a fun game. You will find that the countries play very differently though. the simulation is so delicate that the smallest changes make a big difference to the strategy required.
Try playing America, then France. there is a BIG difference.
Also, changing difficulty or interest rates or economic volatility makes a big difference to how the game plays, ditto turning off restricted power.
And the US has its mid term elections and congress. That alters your strategy too.
Hope that helps.

ok i see i agree that keeping it simple is good. but the retirees have mounted to 70% of voters and this hasn’t effected my income. shouldnt my workforce shrink?by keeping the voter size stagnant,doesn’t that mean we have the same voters that doesn’t age?i purpose a cycle of birth and death within the permanent number of voters or else they’ll only age but not die and my voters one day will consist only of retirees.or did the poor became retirees?i am confuse.this is a major weirdness.other than that i see the potential of the game to go mainstream or distribute it to schools as a learning tool.i would miss out on it if i hadn’t stumble upon a indie game award compliments.