Linux: Crash on startup

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i’ve purchased Democracy 3 today and can’t get it to run. I’ve read up on some older Forum threads here and in the positech forums and can’t find a solution to the problem (all the older startup problem threads seem to have been resolved with patches)

I’m on Arch 64 bit, ext4 filesystem (no jfs or xfs here), full spec:

terminal output (including backtrace it seems):

i tried the beta program, reinstalling, reinstalling without dlc etc, no joy.

Any help, or pointers in the right direction are appreciated

from the stack trace it looks like something went bad in the audio driver and took the game down.

What audio card / setup do you have? Do you happen to have openal-info installed on your host? (from the openal-soft package). if so, what is the output of that?

One thing you could also try is running:

ldd Democracy3.bin.x86 (or the Steam equivalent executable) and checking on which libraries are being used.

On my system (Ubuntu 14.10/64bit), I had to install the libasound2 & libasound2-plugins (32-bit versions) to get the audio to work correctly.

Another steam runtime fail… as the runtime is supposed to handle that cleanly… (but obviously doesn’t).

Actually I’m hoping to get a fully working 64bit democracy 3 with the next update.

Have the same problem. Used the humble bundle version (1.14-Linux), without any addons/dlc/whatever.
If you need any more information and/or testing.
Outputs in the attachment, since .txt and .log extensions aren’t allowed: zipped. (20.8 KB)

have the same problem. segfault on launch, used the humble bundle version (1.14-linux)
logs and openal-info output attached
(sound setup pulseaudio bridged into jack, works well with other steam and non-steam games well so far) (21.6 KB)