Linux Install (Soon to be possible????)

Hi, I’ve had Kudos for awhile and it seems to work pretty well on windows. I have recently tried it using Wine 1.0 however, and it ALMOST repeat ALMOST works. It’s just sticky and not all the text and stuff seems to show up. I’ve also tried this with democracy 1 and the same general problems seem to occur. So might I suggest finding out why it’s not 100% compatible with wine and then if the capability issues can be fixed start marking your games to the linux community as well. :mrgreen:


sadly I know nothing about linux or mac. I have a guy that does mac ports, but not linux. Maybe one day I will sort it out.

Well if you have some spare time, it still might be worth looking into though because I’m pretty sure wine is suppose to run much like windows. So the difference in programming for the two probably isn’t very much.

Wine just is an implementation of the windows API so all that is needed is to take what they have translated in to account when programing and vola a linux compatible game.

I would check there site for up to date info but its about 95% of the core windows API almost all of directx 8, 1/2 directx 9 some of directx 10.
Democracy 2 works fine under wine 1.0 so take this as a starting point.

Alternatively wine will continue to improve so code as normal just remember to only use the newest version and features of directx or your chosen programing language if they add to the game experience.

Democracy 2 will work because it uses directx for text. Kudos and Rock Legend use windows code for text, and it might be that mixing windows (GDI) text and directx within wine doesn’t work so well.

So how hard would it be to change it to directx?

Its a massive massive change…

So I take it you probably won’t be doing that?

not for older games, but every game from Democracy 2 onwards uses a better system.