[Linux] Steam avatars on compass are flipped

Just a funny thing I noticed. Steam avatars are the wrong side up.

dropbox.com/s/i96hkpfx9zj6w … _00001.png

HA!! . hilarious…

Can you check the bmp files in ~/.local/share/democracy3/steamfriends ? Are they upside down as well?

when you grab steam avatars from the server they are actually weirdly upside down, so I had to flip them in code, that bit of code might not be working under linux?

A HA!.. so, the original code there was writing a BMP directly using Win32 function calls. I had rewritten that using SDL2 to write the BMP files. And one “odd” thing about BMP files is they are written upside down, and your original code didn’t write it upside down, thus when you flipped the image in the rendering code things were upside down on mac/linux. JOY!.

Anyways… this is a REAL quick fix… I just disabled the rendering flip and will push up a new steam build later tonight.

This fix is now live. Happy right-side-up avatars!