Linux support


I don’t know whether or not this was intentional, but Production Line runs fine on Linux (Ubuntu 15.10) using wine. I’ve played at least 20h and the only crashes I have experienced were when I had too many savegames (>20) or I ran into an already known bug.

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– oxio

Cool :smiley:

Just an additional heads up that this works splendidly on Ubuntu 16.10 using wine-staging 2.2.

It plays so smoothly I wouldn’t even know it was not a Linux native game save for the fact I know I launched it through Wine.

Feel free to post your results on Production Line’s WineHQ database entry: … &iId=18097

Same on Fedora 25 with nvidia (propritary driver) and AMD (opensource driver) GPU.

@cliffski: Hopefully you think of us if you implement DirectX10 (as mentioned in one of the video-blogs IIRC) and keep DX9 as fallback. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll always support directx9. I know it really well. I even rewrote part of directx9s D3DX to make it faster for my uses :D.

Nice! So I can expect a working final release within wine eventually. :slight_smile:

Wow, so you do really low-level optimizations?!

PS.: I saw the video about your task-scheduler and iam wondering if it distribute tasks evenly at each case or only if the main-thread get into troubles executing all tasks; because on my (4-core) computer the game uses 8 threads (including main-thread) but only one is doing almost all stuff while others are idling. Now iam interessted if this is a sideeffect of wine or default behavior.

no thats sadly quite normal. You can only really multithread ‘parallel’ tasks, which is only a small proprtion of them, although i’m still working on it…