Linux users look here! Mod support [V0.3.1]

I have a small script that converts all of the dds files in the current directory (recursively of course) into pngs, it works with spaces in names too, it does require python (=>2.7), I plan on adding checks and stuff to it in the future

you can download it at then go to downloads, V0.3 is the latest

for full changelog view the README in git tag V0.2

  • fixed a small bug


  • added gui :slight_smile:


  • adds .bmp to .jpg conversion (thanks offsides!)


  • added checking… lots of checking
  • added argument parser, see do python -h to see options


  • Works
  • No checks, just an I-need-this-done deal

Well, well, well! A Christmas present to the modding forum. :smiley: Cool.

Looks like I’m not the only person here who likes to play with Python :slight_smile: I’ve actually been looking for a way to read/write dds files in Python (for, you know, things and stuff [size=85]you read nothing[/size]), and I didn’t think of running it through imagemagick. That would introduce another intermediary step I’d have to hide away though…

I guess we just need some people to try it out now, to make sure the conversion happens correctly (with respect to transparency and such). Not that I’m saying alexhairyman hasn’t tested it himself, but I know we get some wierd cases with the dds files here sometimes.

Btw, direct link: … bpyconvert

Yeah, i could use a library for conversions, might move this to linux support, I need to add some dependency checking, and add continuous integration so that already converted files aren’t redone.

I think you posted it to the right place to be honest. Linux Support is for issues with the game itself. I suspect any modders looking for help getting their mod working on Linux would check here first.

I fully agree with Kemp; it’s much more relevant here than anyplace else. I will keep this topic in Gratuitous Modding instead of moving it to Linux Support.

Alright cool, I assume everyone knows how to work a terminal, i still plan to implement a gui and make it executable, all inside a makeself installer. I also want to abstract the components (a.k.a. make it more object oriented)

Glad to hear about an eventual GUI. I’m terminal-impaired, and I’m sure I’m not the only modder here that’s so afflicted. Oh, and the only thing that I know about python is that it’s the largest vanilla warship used by the Alliance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, The terminal is not for everybody, but I just feel so much more powerful with a fullscreen terminal open, For the time being if you are using linux (or mac os x too I believe) I will try to put a wiki page up on the google code site with instructions, you can also report issues and stuff there too! Also, if anyone is on desura go ahead and add me, my name is alexhairyman, I sometimes go by hairjelly too.
If you like the idea of programming but have some reason not to, I would definitely suggest python, they have a great tutorial, and everything is extremely well documented, right now I am pretty in to c++ and am exploring some of that right now
(sorry if I get off-topic, but, as a 15-year old with ADHD I feel it is my duty to innocently talk about everything that pops into my brain =) )

GUI is a nice addition, but if you’re running Linux chances are you’re at least familiar with a CLI (Mac users, maybe not so much :)). One other thing you might consider is adding support to convert any .bmp’s you find into .jpg’s, since the Linux version requires that. Of course, I can also do it as a simple shell script, no Python required, but then there’s NO chance for a GUI :slight_smile:

There’s also the matter of shaders (at least with the purchasable Windows DLC - don’t know if any modders are making their own shaders at all), but that’s a much more difficult proposition to do automagically…

Thanks for working on this. Even if I don’t use it myself, it’s nice to see (a) what other people are doing, since you might have a better idea or way of doing things, and (b) that the Linux GSB community is getting off to a strong start.

Now I just need to figure out if I have the time and skills to make my own mod, not to mention keeping it balanced given how easy it is to overkill. I have a couple ideas, but graphics are NOT my strong suit, though I can steal other peoples’ images and tweak them reasonably well :stuck_out_tongue:

It actually uses imagemagick convert to do the actual conversion itself, and it shouldn’t be hard to convert bmp to jpegs, there will be an update tonight to 2.3 or to 3 if I get the gui in. Btw, are you a linux user? (AKA, did you buy the Humble indie Bundle 4 to get linux versions. I feel lonely as an exclusive linux user. I use wine for one thing, It is such a fun game, although alpha is windows only!

I actually tried doing a shell script, but since there are spaces in paths and stuff, and I like python because it is so much more understandable for me especially for this once you get into the dependency checking.

anything else I should add? you can email me at or you can pm me

Love the idea. I’ve been looking for a program that can convert dds to png so I can run mods on a mac. Well done, though as I have very little terminal experience, I’ll wait for even the tiniest GUI.

Probably not until tomorrow