List of 13 issues, make it bugs or additions.

I’ve been playing around in GSB long enough to come up with this list of some nuisances I’ve run into.

  1. There are some issues with the double-click type selection, sometimes after deselecting clicking on a previously deselected (ouch… I see where it’s going) ship will again select all ships of the same type (does that make sense? :wink: ) instead of just one. Is that intended?

  2. The order menu could use some changes. Namely instead of having to go through Add Order->Formation->Set Ship it could just let you select the parent ship after pressing “Formation”. It’s a bit annoying when you got a huge fleet. I might be missing some hotkeys though.

  3. Modules could use some sorting options; I often find myself wanting to just put weapons with the longest range or the cheapest defense systems, but have to cycle through the whole list looking for them. Not a high priority, after a while you start to remember all the modules, but useful for newbies.

  4. I’d REALLY appreciate if the popup box with module name could show up immediately, it’s quite annoying, especially when you don’t know the modules, to have to hover over them for a couple of seconds to learn whether it’s “Shield I” or “Shield II”, as some names are too long to fit into the usual display.

  5. When you lose (win?) there should be some option to go back to deployment screen with your previous deployment saved, would save me some hassle when I just want to change 2-3 orders and try again. Especially at the very beginning when I just wanted to screw around with different orders and see what’s the difference between them, but I had to either save the deployment or just set the whole fleet up again.

  6. “Apply to all of this type” button. Generally, instead of selecting all units of this type, you could apply selected orders to all units of this type. I’d find it more handy than the select & set method, especially when modifying your setup.

  7. Fighters sometimes can be placed “behind” or “above” cruisers causing them to be invisible on the deployment screen. Not sure whether it’s intended, but once I got caught unaware thinking that there are no bomber/fighters to be afraid of.

  8. Sorting the hulls out. Currently it seems that they go randomly, so you end up browsing through frigate-cruiser-fighter-fighter-cruiser-cruiser-frigate-frigate-cruiser, I find myself wondering then whether there are any more cruiser hulls I should look at or whether it’s the end. Grouping them would fix that issue easily.

  9. The statistics screen is a bit… lacking. That might be a bit of a big overhaul, but I’d appreciate more info - shots fired, damage done, damage received, shots which hit. Numbers mainly, not pure percentages. I’m never sure whether “50% hits absorbed” means that it got destroyed after 1 or whether it got hit 50 times before going down. And there is surely a huge difference between those two :wink:

  10. I might’ve not dwelled too much into the challenge system, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to see how your challenges are doing. I couldn’t find mine, and there is no filter setting for that. Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile: Also, the menu needs some way to sort it by name, victories, attempts etc.

  11. When you pick a module up or just hover over it your ship stats could update to show the changes this module would cause, maybe make it so that you need to hover over a spot while dragging the module to make sure it counts it as a replacement for the existing one? If you get what I mean… :wink:

  12. There is a small bug with the stats window in ship designer (the one with armor/shield strength) - when you open it and then switch the view of the ship to the in-game one you can no longer close the window itself, the only solution is to save your ship and relaunch the ship designer.

  13. Oh, and more about the challenge system. I’d gladly see some specific info about won/lost games, even as little as “Challenge won!” next to those you indeed won. Currently you don’t get any specific “reward” for that.

Enough of my whining for now, I really enjoy GSB though. Also, I haven’t been on the “testing side” for ages so it will surely make a good break from fixing stuff, hence the long (?) list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent feedback, cheers. I’ve already got a couple of these sorted for the next update.