List of bugs and issues, v0.4

As promised, a big round-up of all the things I noticed during a complete play-through. (Why no, I haven’t done much else for two days, why do you ask?) The zipped file is coming in an email.

Red text highlights a typo, purple text is something very subjective or something I’m just confused about. I hope this is helpful - I’ve not really done any testing of games before.

Typos and minor formatting issues

[] Many event pages have the last letter of the last line missing. +HAPPINES is the most common. +XENOGASTRONOM comes up a lot too. Examples: Wrap Core Breach, comedy show, dinner party.
] The “next ship docking” box sometimes cuts off names and numbers rather than wrapping the text. Example: UPF Disappointment.
[] Spacebook update: Does anyone want to ‘accidentally’ sabotaging the turbolift…
] Event update: “Ate” at Xx’th’xx Liquid Delights…
[] Event description text, C20th sci fi: …activities which we all now are now, of course, illegal
] There’s a stray space then full stop after some event updates, e.g. went to so-and-so place with friend, friend, .
[] Nutrient Dispenser Technician job update: +/- physical healt
] Meal text: Kerbal Sphagetti
[] Event update: Spend some alone time with the computer
] End of day progress report has an awkward line break before the number of days left. Might look better to move it up underneath the colon of the last line, rather than push it down.
[*] Is it possible to delete the ‘Mike’ save game?


[] After yellow alert early in the game, the message from a friend about weird goings-on didn’t show in my inbox. The notification kept flashing. This only resolved when I deleted all messages; messages thereafter worked fine during this playthrough.
] Aspirations are still finicky. In this game, I reached Master of Transporter Accident Cleanup Supervisor and the aspiration didn’t update.
[] Spacebook feed sometimes doesn’t load, particularly after closing the inventory or at the beginning of a new day. Clicking friends list then feed works, or clicking feed icon two or three times.
] 155 days to go (and a couple of other times): character doesn’t get a work prompt after first daily action is used. This has happened in every game so far; use the action, get another, use that and two more appear, then it’s bedtime. Save-Quit-Load resolves this.
[] Dinner party: “Your astro dietetics level is” text doesn’t show the skill level, just the incomplete sentence.
] 146 days to go: I met Rina Teka on a walk around the station. This was unnerving as she’d been dead for over a month!
[] The ‘delete item’ confirmation window in the inventory needs to be manually closed, either by hitting ‘reject’ or ‘x’. Delete-Accept does not close the window.
] My own Spacebook updates sometimes show as ‘desc’.
[] Clicking a skill in ‘Skills and Interests’ tab for more information lists skills which both increase and decrease that skill, despite the window stating that it shows activities which raise that skill. Example: schmoozing shows ‘Drinking Alone at Nine Backward’.
] After a break-up, the ex’s name still shows in the ‘Social Map’ box, overlapping with the text ‘You are not in a relationship’. Mixed signals, captain!
[] — for ‘feeling jealous and neglected’ sometimes comes up twice in a row on the same morning for the same person. Example: 25 days to go - Augustus Madi.
] Omega Bar is crushing my dreams. Two issues here: one, friends never attend because they have no interest. Two, no text comes up on the right hand side of the events page, and the ‘continue’ button does not load.

Gameplay questions and suggestions

[] A ‘sent messages’ tab in the inbox would be great.
] Some interests are practically non-existent amongst AIs, which means the events are not particularly worth attending. It also inhibits raising certain skills and interests. Saddest of all, even one’s romantic partner doesn’t have an interest in attending a romantic dinner :frowning: Examples: going to shows, games, virtuo-augmento simulations, partying, gambling.
[] +20 with randomly-met people seems high, especially if ‘quality time’ at an event with a friend only yields +10.
] When a friend rejects an invitation, the event page shows -10 happiness by the name, and ‘No change with [friend]’ underneath their name. However, the scrolling update box on the main page will still show —15 for a rejected invitation. Is this contradictory or am I missing a trick?
[] Multiple achievements or events occurring at once create a downright terrifying overlap in sound effects! Master of job + levelled up skill + general end-of-work sound + background music, for example.
] Career + charisma total stops updating when charisma reaches 7, i.e. overall level never exceeds 10. This is understandable, but the tool tip on the total rank suggests that the two are added together to create the final rank. This also makes hanging out with ambassadors difficult. Again, is this me missing something?
[*] I get +++ with a friend when liking something uncomplimentary about them that someone else has posted. For example, Ten Juun says that Astra is ugly. If I like that status, both Ten and Astra like me more. However, liking someone’s failed job application leads to — with the person. Just a minor inconsistency.

Hi Cat! As I said in my email, this is FANTASTIC feedback, thank you very much! Working through these now. :slight_smile: