List of Item Name

Hi, I had start to create and working on mod today.

Seriously, I like it, it’s really simple to get wath we want. A little thinking and it’s really good.
I just want know if it has a list of the different Name of annything in the vanilla game.

Like I shearch how I can give a boost or a malus to a number of member in the capitalist.

I know, my english this not too good, if you didn’t understand, ask, and I will try to give you
better explication.

Thank’s :slight_smile:

Im not sure i understood the hole meaning of your post, but ill try my best to give you an answer.

There is to my knowledge not a complete list of every component, name, policies ect. in the game. The easiness way is to look in the original files to find what you need.

Example: You need to find out the name of all the different votergroup in the game. List is in the file ‘data\simulation\votertypes’ and capitalist is just Capitalist. Beware however of capital letters as they seems to fuck’it’up if they are wrong at least some places in the modding.

To boost the number of Religious in a country (This does already exists so you can see how its done):

  1. Create a txt file in mission\usa\scripts\
  2. Open txt file and write CreateGrudge(USA,hidden,Religious_freq,0.33,1,0);

This will boost the number of religious people when playing in USA.