List of Minor Bugs/Tweaks!

This will be a long-term list. Anybody else can post into here. If it’s a small thing that can be explained in 2 sentences, go for it!

  1. The Prison Overcrowding event is not affected by Private Prisons.
  2. The Inner City Riots event is not affected by Police budget.
  3. Public pension cost is not affected by lifespan.


But also, if a topic like this is going to work, it’s gonna have to get pinned. Else it’s just gonna get lost

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That’s true… hrm. That, or we’ll have to edit the OP and post replies each time more’s added to it?

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I noticed a little bug whilst playing today.

Total ban on trade unions does not make trade unions members = 0, even after multiple years or election cycles. 3% of the population were still members.

-100% + default value + some other increases means its not -100% total :wink:

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Haha yeah that must be it! Take note devs!

Its partially normalized sum, -100% doesn’t mean cancelling something.
Same happens with immigration, private healthcare and schools.

I am reading this! I am just swamped with other stuff, and looking forward to having time to address this…

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But wait there’s more!

  1. Overcrowded Prisons don’t decrease health.
  2. Synthetic Meat Research doesn’t decrease farmer membership, increase unemployment, or affect land usage over time.
  3. Welfare Fraud Dept doesn’t make capitalists happier.
  4. Energy Efficiency doesn’t affect the cost of the state energy utility.
  5. Press Freedom, Internet Censorship, and General Media Censorship don’t interact with each other or conflict.
  6. Internet Censorship doesn’t make the leader safer from assassination (less extremist content available online)
  7. Trade Unionists aren’t affected by Labor Day Holiday, only socialists.
  8. Rare Earth Metal Mining doesn’t harm the environment, just environmentalist opinion.
  9. Microchips don’t make the leader safer from assassination (ID cards do tho)
  10. Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, and Water Cannons don’t help reduce inner city riots or other protests.
  11. Corporations don’t affect charity.
  12. National Service doesn’t affect unemployment, the generational wealth gap, or GDP.
  13. Diversity Quotas don’t affect religious opinion.
  14. Gay Marriage doesn’t affect equality, gender equality, or religious membership.
  15. Selective Schooling is unaffected by whether schools are private or public, and public/private schools are unaffected by it as well.
  16. There’s no way to get deflation AFAIK.
  17. International Fusion Research Project doesn’t interact with the Nuclear Fission policy & visa versa.
  18. Right to Privacy and Mandatory Microchips/Wiretapping can coexist.
  19. Closing Airports Completely doesn’t affect State Airline cost/effect but does affect the Air Travel Tax.
  20. Speed Cameras don’t affect motorist income.
  21. Capitalists don’t care about legalized drugs/alcohol.
  22. Organized Crime is unaffected by drug & alcohol policy.
  23. Very high Game Hunting Restrictions don’t increase crime (from people hunting anyway).
  24. High Foreign Relations doesn’t affect Foreign Interference - high foreign relations would probably make foreign countries less likely to mess with you since they like you, yanno?
  25. Compulsory Language Lessons & Compulsory Foreign Language Classes seem very similar.
  26. City Farms don’t help with obesity (food deserts)
  27. Consumer Rights don’t affect corporate exodus.
  28. The Poor don’t care about the minimum wage policy.
  29. A 0% carbon tax makes capitalists happier than a cancelled carbon tax.
  30. Private workers don’t strike, but public workers do, so cancelling all public schools / public healthcare / public railways makes teacher / doctor / rail strikes end instantly.
  31. Mandatory National Anthem singing/speaking doesn’t upset liberals.
  32. Only one policy in the game (State Cable Company) affects internet speed.
  33. Drug addiction & alcoholism don’t affect lifespan.
  34. Organized crime doesn’t affect drug addiction.
  35. Rent Controls don’t increase the income of the poor/youth nor decrease inflation.
  36. Hyperinflation doesn’t decrease middle income earnings or cause capital flight.
  37. Skill Shortage, Brain Drain, and Technology Backwater don’t affect one another.
  38. Gun ownership policy doesn’t affect Armed Religious Groups.
  39. Polarization has no effects at all.
  40. Ghettos don’t affect conservative happiness.
  41. The Holy Building Burned event doesn’t affect religious happiness.
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  1. When “The Environment” is maxed, tourism gets a -0.71% modifier.
  2. Technology Backwater is increased by all types of secular vs. religious education, except when maxed (in which case it has no effect). For example, education set to Secular increases Technology Backwater by ~10%.
  3. When exiting a playthrough but not exiting the game and reloading into it, the music soundtrack continues where it left off instead of changing.
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48.If you have 100 or more political power on a turn (you can get this if you have 2.0+ on all advisors while in an emergency and immediately after an election), the third digit is off the screen.
49. The cost of nationalizing a utility & then selling it off next turn is profitable at its lowest budget setting - not sure if this is intended or not.
50. State Health Service on its lowest setting increases unemployment by 2.4%.

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I’ll throw in, (but take numbered places from you)
-State schools, school vouchers and school tax credits do not impact parent opinion.
-Higher wages decrease productivity (why?)
-No link between poor earnings and poverty.
-The minimum wage impact on poverty should be indirect, making a stop through poor earnings. There are people who are technically paid better than minimum wage, but still impoverished.
-Many of the environmental harms of cars do not have a link to traffic congestion. As a guy who has worked with engines I’ll tell you the emissions are worse at idle than at operating load, even if less fuel is consumed. Lower combustion temperatures lead to messier combustion and therefore dirtier exhaust. Yes, more CO2 is produced by burning more fuel, but every other pollutant is worse at lower temperatures.
-Car emissions limits and other car related environmental policies continue to provide full benefit, even if car usage is drastically reduced (I would suggest they should put a less than 1 multiplier on the harmful effects of cars rather than a direct benefit)
-Capitalist opinion of toll roads likely has a decimal in the wrong place. +23% opinion for maxed out toll roads is on par with -24% opinion for maxed out corporate tax.
-Canadian starting alcohol law is wrong. Most of our provinces have a drinking age of 19, some have it at 18. None have a drinking age of 16.
-Some, but not all mass transit programs directly improve productivity. I would think that people being moved around by mass transit would generally have the same benefit regardless of what exact vehicle they rode in. Perhaps remove these direct benefits and add a negative productivity modifier to traffic congestion? Nobody becomes more productive by riding a train, this is simply fighting off the negative of being stuck in traffic. Obviously this would necessitate a rebalance of productivity.

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-Needle exchange should reduce health care demand
-Hospital overcrowding should impact private health care, as people spend money to get around the delays
-Hospital overcrowding should increase doctor strike
-Technology increases health care demand? Why?

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-extreme nationalism won’t go away unless you lower patriot membership - getting to 0% unemployment and 0% poverty and 100% education is a huge PITA. I was sitting at 100% patriot membership and barely having extreme nationalism still, b/c I had 1% unemployment and 0% poverty… maybe add in other modifiers like press freedom, censorship, stability, etc?

  • water shortage is unaffected by climate change adaptation

  • adding in country geography modifiers for water shortage would be nice

  • luddite riots have surprisingly-little effect on anything

A few visual bugs with the latest patch… I achieved these by clicking around the happiness/membership/income screens in relatively-quick succession.

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Sudden thought: health tax credits & school tax credits should be much more effective if you have a flat tax. The policies’ descriptions say that they’re only effective for those who pay tax in the first place… but if there’s a flat tax, everybody pays tax, so wouldn’t it be more effective?

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Minor one: change all instances of NONE to VERY LOW. Reason: lots of streamers & newer players get confused that setting a policy to none does not remove all of its negative effects despite being zero. Changing it to VERY LOW makes it clear it isn’t outright cancelled to newer players.

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Its single instance of None, since its part of default slider naming.
So it would be very easy to change None to Minimal for example.


yeah, minimal might do the trick too. Something that makes it clear it isn’t non-existent and is still on the books 'til ya cancel it. I’ve seen two different YouTubers / streamers confused by this so far.

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Medium-sized bug with election speeches: you can cycle through the randomly-generated speech effects until you find one you like. You can do this by opening up the speech menu, looking at your options, closing it, and opening it again. The options reset each time it’s opened. So a player could repeatedly close-and-open the speech menu until it generates a result the player likes, then have the speech.