List of Minor Bugs/Tweaks!

Another speech-related medium-sized bug - if you give a speech, save the game & exit, then reload into the game, you can give another speech on the same turn, provided you have the political capital to do it.

  1. Drug addiction does not have any relation to private healthcare (opioid abuse is much-easier with private doctors using separate databases than one, universal, government-run database monitoring prescription amounts, and bogus luxury “rehab” centers also exist)
  2. Mortgage Tax Relief cost & impact should be relative to the amount of private housing
  3. Immigration Protests can occur when ethnic minorities are also patriots
  4. Ethnic minorities still become a huge amount of voters within 2 terms as the US short of drastic, extreme anti-immigrant measures
  5. mandatory national service, happiness of everyone, & low democracy do not affect immigration
  6. foreign nations bombing (the “foreign nation launches air strikes” event) does not affect immigration
  7. Biofuels do not negatively impact the Environment despite turning more forests into corn farms

Special suggestion as a real-life vegan who thinks the plant-based diets trackers could be revamped:
This non-scientific poll of vegan users of a website was pretty helpful. Why People Go Vegan: 2019 Global Survey Results –

  • the people who go vegan for the environment could be reflected well. The more environmentalists there are, the more popular plant-based diets are. Source: Snapshot: Few Americans Vegetarian or Vegan ( (note that in the US, environmentalists are generally part of the Democratic Party here)
  • many vegans are young people. So membership in Youth could make plant-based diets more popular. Source: Snapshot: Few Americans Vegetarian or Vegan (
  • enhanced animal rights (IE hunting & farming policies) may reduce the amount of plant-based diets, as potential vegans have less reason to feel bad for the animals
  • potential dilemma: how to label almond milk. Dairy producers favor banning plant-based alternatives from using animal-based terminology (like “veggie burger” and “soy milk”) as a way to, allegedly, protect consumers from product confusion. Plant-based product companies counter that it’s more to decrease their market share. See Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products - News - Farmers Guardian ( for example in the UK.
  • the mad cow disease event could have many more people adopt plant-based diets
  • the impact of hunting policy could be increased/decreased based on the amount of plant-based diets
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I guess that there needs to be a sense of universalism in D4?