List of situations

In my games, I have tried to discover all the possible positive situations in the game. So far, I have only found three of them:

High productivity
Tourist boon
Technological advantage

I thought it would also be neat to form a list of the negative situations. So far I have encountered:

Armed robbery
Binge drinking
Brain drain
Anti-social behavior
Drug addiction
Cheap Imports
Asthma epidemic
Teacher shortage
Skills shortage
Teacher strike
Traffic congestion
Petrol protests
Organized crime
Inner-city riots
Technological backwater
Wasteful economy
Class warfare
Contagious disease
Street gangs
Debt crisis
Vigilante mobs

There’s also a few that I am unsure of due to a fuzzy memory:

Black Market ( or something like that)
Public Transit strike

I think it would be great to create or site with a list of all these situations to be used as a reference. If successful, we could add it to the wiki. It would also be useful to know how to obtain or prevent these situations. This could help considerably in developing strategy.

Can anyone please help me complete this list?

You are correct about there being only three positive situations.

For the full list of situations, just check out the file situations.csv in the folder C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\simulation. You will also find lists of other things such as achievements and policies here.