List price of Big Pharma

When checking out Big Pharma, I noted that sales tax and VAT seems to not be included in the price. While I believe US sales tax is usually excluded from price, in the EU, VAT is actually required to be included in all consumer pricing and list prices, including all marketing material. So even if it has not been a problem for you so far, that’s a thing that you should probably address. (Typically this is done by applying a 25% VAT in the list price by most digitally trading companies, and then dropping price in the checkout for those EU countries where lower VATs apply.)

Yeah, this one also caught me off-guard. In the Netherland’s retailers are required by law to include the VAT (BTW here) in the listed price, advertisements and special offers, unless they are specifically and exclusively marketing to other businesses.

Relevant laws: Civil code 6:193e and 7:46c