Thank you for the great game.

To to raise my literature(in my culture), Im tring to read all of some classic books, and I finished most of the books include Romeo and Juliet, The count of Monte Cristo and Great Expectations. But, the literature bar doesnt raised at all. Is there any other tips to raise that literature bar?

Second, I have some friends who are interested in like poetry, current affair, literature or something…there are something related with game? or just their interests, never affect the game?

Also, how could I know my kudos is patched? :smiley:

hi, your literature bar should definitely go up if you read books, although very gradually, over time, it will fall.
Some of the interests cannot directly be catered too, but are useful for matchmaking. So for example, if you have 2 friends who both like history or poetry, and you invite them out, they will happily talk about that mutual interest with each other, even though they wont neccesarily enjoy the activity that you have picked.

has anyone else got a problem with literature levels rising?

The latest version is 1.15, if you look at the bottom left of the main title screen when you start the game, it will tell you your version.

Yeah! I’ve had a problem raising my Literature bar, I just gave up…

Brilliant game though!

dang. I shall investigate

edit. -> Yup your right, but luckily its a small fix, a column of a spreadsheet got missed. I’ll patch it tonight.

ok the patches page has the 1.16 patch which should fix this now.