Loading, Dilemma "bug"

Not sure if this is normal or not.
When I load a game, for a few turns I have to deal with dilemmas, even if I had dealt with them before. They are basically always the same (minimum wage, Extradite, minimum wage, Nuclear powerplant, foreign President, etc).

So, is this normal, or a bug?

thats a bug, but I thought it had been fixed long ago. I presume this is the latest version?

yes, 1.4c

btw, there’s another problem when loading a saved game. The polls and indicators (like for the “situations”) all start at “normal” level, before rising/lowering to the actual level it should be considering the policies put in place. In other words, we can’t follow the progression of our game from before we last saved the game.

so, any news on that?


can you email me a saved game that does this? or is it all of them?
are other users having this problem too?

all of my games are doing this


would like some feedback, Cliffski

I’ll try and look at this tommorow.

I’m looking at this now, but it seems to be working fine here. Did you install an update over the top of an old copy without removing it first? If so, could you uninstall completely and reinstall the game.
Is anyone else having the same issues?
If it happens again and your sure you know which dilemma has been asked twice, can you email me the save game? I’m trying to work out whether there is a problem recording the triggered event in the save game, or reading it in on loading. (both systems work fine on my copy though).

Will do. Should be done today or tomorrow, I guess

thanks a lot

Erm… how can I have the program to install the updated version of Democracy? (version 1.4c if I remember correctly)

send me an email with your original order number, or your email address you ordered from and Ill send you a link.

Reinstalled the game. Still having the problem. Sending email to you.
Thanks a lot

I’m having the same problem; but I’m using the Mac version. (Are they the same?)

This has been fixed in the PC version, but the mac version is different, I’ll see if I can get it fixed there too.