Loading saves by race?

If a few have you have been playing a lot, you know you get a lot of ship designs. Why not make it if you’re playing as a certain race, only loading the ships of that race, or making subfolders in the load system for various races? I know this may have to wait until you release GTB or Parasites, but I think it may help some of the veterans.

At the moment - you can sort the list by the fields (for example race. size, name)
Just by click on the column heading . .

I know that much. But when you got 8 vanilla races (not counting any mod races) with around 10 or so types of hull, with at least 1 or 2 patterns of ship per hull, it starts to add up.

Thats cool - there are some people out there who dont.

So along with only loading ship designs from the race your currently using in the mission/campaign, I wonder if its worth to include those class type filter buttons from the ship deployment screen. ?

Well Cliff allready filters out ship hulls in design mode if you access it during a mission/campain. The filter button for hull could help as well, specially for those people with 9 fighter types on the same hull (Or at least it feels like that during campain mode.)