Loading twice in one sessions causes CTD

Dunno if it’s just me or not, but it’s %100 reproducible for me.

I’ll load my campaign, play however long I like, but if I exit to Main Menu and try to load the same campaign, I CTD every time with a generic Windows “Program failed” type of error, nothing specific.

Purchased everything from Steam except Nomads & Campaign, which I bought form positech. Playing on a Q6600 CPU with ATI 5870 and XP SP3.

Hmm. currently this is just you, AFAIK. If you can, try testing it with a brand new campaign, before doing anything else, just move ahead one turn, then quit out and load it. I bet the steps to reproduce it are more complex than that.
Also, check the game is version 1.52, that is the latest copy.

Sure thing, will give it a shot when I’m home. My install is probably botched somehow. :slight_smile: