Loans and Rent

Loans - You can get a loan out of whatever amount and that is good. But having got a loan and then made lots of money, I find there is no way to pay the loan off early. Having the ability to pay off the loan off early and having a 10-15% early repayment fee would be good (banks like being payed off after all)

Rent - I get it, renting is easier when you are starting out but when you become successful and then look to reduce overheads, having the ability to buy the building you are in would be great. This could also apply to expanding your facility, giving you the option to either rent or buy the additional space/area outright.


Comment on loans: Loans typically do not have a penalty for early repayment. But we should be allowed to pay off loan any time. This would be very realistic.

Rent/Buy: The landlord won’t want to sell their golden egg, so we should be allowed to buy a different property, and be allowed to move our operation to the new facility, while incurring lost time and revenue due to the move. All employees would have to get paid during the transition, ouch! But we would be able to configure the layout in the new facility the way we want, moving the old equipment over, etc.

No time at all, Just build in Pause, lol. Cause in Theory, you keep the current line running while you tool the new location. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having the ability to move placed slots would be great too :slight_smile:

We do have the ‘retooling’ research which reduces how much you ‘lose’ when deleting a facility, but maybe we should have a further research that reduces it to zero?

I personally like the idea that it costs money to move stuff.
Makes it so you need to plan ahead.

Paying money to move stuff would be good, say at 25% of the purchase price.

Researching a “retooling discount” line would be great, reducing at 5%/ lvl down to zero