Lobbyists and such

Lobbyists. Lobbyists could do many different things and I think should be added for increased realism.
The major aspects could be, things such as “school sponsorship” but also to increase or decrease your ablity to change policy.
For instance, lobbyists might increase your political support on a certain matter such as clean energy. Thus instead of costing 2 points it might only cost 1 (or maybe you just have to sign off on it like a dilemma).
In times of crisis like there’s been a terrorist attack, increasing the military might require less points. In contrast, if there’s been almost no crime, instituting martial law could be difficult. Basically the cost of various changes could go up or down based on various factors.
Lobbyists could also include your cabinet members. Various things make them happy and increase their support, others make them sad or angry and you lose points (political favors lol).