Locating files

Good Morning,

New to GSB and LOVE IT
saw a video on youtube of some battles and had to buy it
The problem is I bought it via Stream and now wish to add some modding but I am unable to locate the files on my PC

Does any one have any helpful pointers?

Many thanks and GSB ROCKS!

While i dont use the steam version i think the files you are looking for are located somewhere like:
c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/gsb/

You know if your in the right area if you see a folders like data/modules and data/races.

On window XP you can also find something by right clicking on the shortcut, then property. It even has a find target button which I find very convenient.

Not sure if they still got that on window 7.

Thanks guys both methods worked
now for some fun with the mods!