Lockup on start


Installed the game a couple of days ago. Played it a number of times for a few hours, great fun. But it now locks up the PC on start up . Initial screen and music plays but no further progress . Need to reboot the PC stop it. Tried uninstall and reinstall, Tried downloading a new copy and reinstalling. No luck.


Windows XP sp2
Intel e8400
Video ati 4850
MB Gigabyte x48 ds4


Nothing has changed, unless the game downloaded and installed a patch inbetween (and you would know that, because it needs you to click through the installer to do so). Has anything else changed on your PC? most likely candidates are video or sound drivers getting automaticlaly updated (possibyl with buggy variants) by windows update. Or possibly, some new software with conflicts has been installed. As ever, it’s a good idea to check your pc with something like spybot search and destroy or malwarebytes for anything dodgy running.

Is GSB the only game/app locking up your comp? Could be an overheating issue, I would check with speedfan to get some heat readings during heavy load.

It’s also worth checking the windows system logs under control panel, administrative tools. Sometimes there are quite helpful error messages when a program crashes or hangs, especially if its some other app interfering.